Stewardship is a way of life for all Christians which begins by recognising everything you've been given as a gift from God. The people in your life, the gifts and talents you have, your money, and even your time are all gifts from God. Stewardship is about appreciating, caring for, developing these gifts, and seeking ways to offer them back to God. This can happen through your family, work, parish, community, and the broader world. Whether you are just starting or looking to take another step on the stewardship journey, we encourage you to challenge yourself to embrace stewardship more fully in your life and look for ways to share the gifts of your time, talent, and treasure with your parish family. We thank you for your stewardship!

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May 2022

1st May 8th May 15th May 22th May 29th May
Season 3rd Sunday of Easter 4th Sunday of Easter 5th Sunday of Easter 6th Sunday of Easter 7th Sunday of Easter
First Reading Acts 9:1-6(7-20) Acts 9:36-43 Acts 11:1-18 Acts 16:9-15 Acts 16:16-34
Second Reading Revelation 5:11-14 Revelation 7:9-17 Revelation 21:1-6 Revelation 21:10,22 - 22:5 Revelation 22:12-14,16,17,20,21
Gospel John 21:1-19 John 10:22-30 John 13:31-35 John 14:23-29 John 17:20-26
Preacher – 09:30 a.m. Pastor Ernie Pastor Graham Phillip Edwards Pastor Ernie Pastor Graham
Communion Server Ingrid and Maria Marie Hill Kaye Walsh Carolyn Kiss
Reader Phillip Edwards Andy Enever Ingrid Harder Marie Hill Darryl and Jenny Jacob
Computer Margaret Burkert Phillip Edwards Andy Enever Sharon Paech Claire Roennfeldt
Welcomers Roger and Jan Farrell Darryl and Jenny Jacob Rhonda Keller Carolyn Kiss Sheryl Parsons
Morning Tea Parsons and Schirmer Harder and Davidson Vogelsang Family Volunteers Please Volunteers Please

June 2022

5th June 12th June 19th June 26th June
Season Pentecost Holy Trinity Sunday Pentecost 2 Pentecost 3
First Reading Acts 2:1-21 Proverbs 8:1-4,22-31 1 Kings 19:1-4(5-7)8-15a 2 Kings 2:1,2,6-14
Second Reading Romans 8:14-17 Romans 5:1-5 Galatians 3:23-29 Galatians 5:1,13-25
Gospel John 14:8-17(25-27) John 16:12-15 Luke 8:26-39 Luke 9:51-62
Preacher – 09:30 a.m. Pastor John Pastor Ernie John Donker Pastor Graham
Communion Server Maria and Ingrid John Donker Phillip Edwards
Reader Rhonda Keller Carolyn Kiss Sheryl Parsons Paul Schirmer
Computer Vogelsang Family Jason Zweck Margaret Burkert Andy Enever
Welcomers Claire and Glen Roennfeldt Vogelsang Family Kevin and Laurel Wiencke Zweck Family
Morning Tea Donker and Hill Dewhirst Family Farrell and Asquith Jacob and Grealy