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Growing Faith at Home

As we continue to seek ways to deepen the spiritual and prayer lives of our members, each week we include a "Growing Faith at Home" insert in the Sunday bulletin.

In addition to the weekly scripture reading and prayer, "Growing Faith at Home" includes a number of other elements that provide more options, making it a more attractive resource for families. The 'Growing Faith at Home' newsletter publication is provided here with the acknowledgement of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA). So please take the insert with you, or download from this website in PDF format to use it as a basis for family or individual devotions throughout the week, and grow in your faith.

Download: Pentecost 17

Back Copies

Editions of Growing Faith at Home from the past 4 months are available below.

Edition / Week Theme Date
Pentecost 17 New God wants us to turn back to him and obey him. 27 Sep 2020
Pentecost 16 God is amazingly generous! 20 Sep 2020
Pentecost 15 God calls us to show mercy and not judge others. 13 Sep 2020
Pentecost 14 Jesus calls us to make things right with others. 06 Sep 2020
Pentecost 13 Taking up your cross and following Jesus. 30 Aug 2020
Pentecost 12 Jesus is God’s Son. 23 Aug 2020
Pentecost 11 Faith in Jesus is always rewarded. 16 Aug 2020
Pentecost 10 Jesus has the power to help and to save. 09 Aug 2020
Pentecost 9 Blessing others. 02 Aug 2020
Pentecost 8 Jesus is the greatest treasure! 26 Jul 2020
Pentecost 7 Hope for the Future. 19 Jul 2020
Pentecost 6 Hearing God's Word brings new life and hope. 12 Jul 2020
Pentecost 5 Jesus invites us to bring our worries to Him. 05 Jul 2020
Pentecost 4 Welcoming Others. 28 Jun 2020
Pentecost 3 Telling others what we believe. 21 Jun 2020
Pentecost 2 Jesus sends us out. 14 Jun 2020
Holy Trinity The Triune God is our creator and he cares for us. 07 Jun 2020
Pentecost The Holy Spirit has come to live and work in us. 31 May 2020
To view the newsletter editions you will need an application capable of opening PDF (Portable Document Format) file. Acrobat reader is available from Adobe for free.