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About Parish Council

The Parish Council representatives for 2021 are:

Minutes and Reports of the Church

The Parish Council manages the affairs of the Church on your behalf and their reports can be accessed from this website in PDF format.

Parish Council Minutes
Minutes for 20 November 2018.

Book of Reports

The Wodonga Lutheran Parish reports on it's mission each year at the annual general meeting in the form of the book of reports. These can be accessed from this website in PDF format.

Download: Book of Reports 2021

Back Copies

Past editions of the book of reports are available below.

AGM/ Year Date Minutes Date
Book of Reports 2021 New 28th March 2021 Not yet Received pending
Book of Reports 2020 22nd March 2020 Minutes of the 2020 AGM Received 21 March 2021
Book of Reports 2019 24thMarch 2019 Refer Book of Reports 2020 Received 22 March 2020
Book of Reports 2018 25th March 2018 Minutes of the 2018 AGM 6th April 2018
To view the bulletin editions you will need an application capable of opening PDF (Portable Document Format) file. Acrobat reader is available from Adobe for free.